R2008b, R2009a, R2009b, R2010a

With R2008b through R2010a and SNCTOOLS, you can read and write netCDF-3 files.

First download SNCTOOLS (current as of svn commit # 4053) and read the README. Please note that your browser may unzip the download for you, so you need to be aware of that. The instructions below assume that it is not unzipped.

You should also download version 4.2 of netcdf-java from Unidata for OPeNDAP support and to be able to read (but not write) netCDF-4 files in the classic model. If you have downloaded both into the same directory, you can then finish the install in matlab by changing into that directory and

    javaaddpath([pwd '/netcdfAll-4.2.jar']);
    javaaddpath ([pwd '/mexcdf/snctools/classes']);
    addpath ([pwd '/mexcdf/mexnc']);
    addpath ([pwd '/mexcdf/snctools']);

You can test out your installation with

Please let me know if this does not work for you.